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The secret of our excellent panettone is the genuineness of the prime ingredients with the respect of the original recipe, and the passion for carrying on the tradition!


Still today, we utilize the origin mother yeast system created by Remo Palazzone, bound in a cloth and refreshed three times a day as the Milanese tradition dictates.For over sixty years, every day for 365 days, the same origin system provides the natural yeast for baking our Palazzone panettone.


  • Flour with ground grain

  • Vanilla of the Bourbon Madacascar quality

  • Sicilian orange peels seasoned with brown sugar cane

  • Fine Tuscan Acacia Honey and Raisins

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Not your typical pastry shop………Palazzone 1960 offers an authentic Italian culinary experience, with lunch specials prepared daily with authentic ingredients and an italian flare! After a spectacular meal, you can choose from over 30 varieties of delicious pastries and a gourmet coffee. Visit us today!

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