The Palazzone Story

The Palazzone story begins in 1960 when Remo and Julia Palazzone opened their first pastry shop in Clifton, NJ. They had immediate success thanks to their hard work ethic, their ability to provide authentic quality goods and superb customer service. Their story was like that of many Italian immigrants based on sacrifice, courage, family and passion. 


In the early 70’s after long hours and dedication to the business, the Palazzone family decided to sell the business and move back to Italy to raise their four children.


Giancarlo and his siblings grew up watching their parents building the business and listening to the stories of their days in America.  


In 2012 at the age of 37,  Giancarlo decided to bring his expertise to the United States and take his shot at the American Dream. Opening Palazzone 1960, the year his parents opened their business in Wayne, NJ. The café strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary, offering old world quality in an ultra modern setting. Crafted with authentic and delicious ingredients, everything Palazzone 1960 creates is irresistible and a true testament to the excellence of Italian baking and cuisine.

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